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Christina Rölli

Management / Chairman of the board of directors

«I appreciate the friendly and trusting relationships that we have built with our customers.»

Peter bearbeitet

Peter Suter

Management & Philatelist

«My long experience as a collector, valuations expert and dealer helps me consistently spot the finer and most important details.»


Jürg Horni


«My contact to our customers is friendly and neutral, independent from their bids.»

carin schaerer

Carin Schärer

Sales shop & Secretariat

«I enjoy responding to individual’s requests and finding solutions for even the most diverse collector’s needs.»

manuela buergisser rigoni

Manuela Bürgisser-Rigoni

Auction's Administration

«Even during the most hectic phases I am always happy to take time to listen to our customers.»

priska transparent2

Priska Müller-Bachmann

Auction's Administration

«To ensure that the quality and pristine condition of our items is not compromised, I treat them with the utmost care.»


Irene Nicolussi-Peter

Purchasing & Administration

«I hope that the joy of seeing and handling such special items on a daily basis transfers to our customers.»


Angela Wyttenbach Iten


«I am always attentive and take the needs and expectations of our customers seriously.»

manuela mueller

Manuela Müller


«In order to maintain the condition and quality of our stock, I treat every item like a piece of treasure.»


Jean Claude Rölli

Entertainer / Person in charge

«Wherever help is needed I am always at your service.»


Benito vom Katzensteg


«I love to put a smile on our customer's faces.»